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In-Vehicle UHF  
The TX3200 is the very latest in our new range of UHF transceivers. Simple, practical and affordable, the TX3200 is a tough compact UHF transceiver with built in scanning.

Designed around a solid die-cast chassis, the TX3200 is ideally suited to the harsh environment of earth moving equipment, tractors and 4 wheel drives, yet its compact size and futuristic styling will compliment any family sedan, station wagon or utility vehicle. In addition, it's unique slide-in mounting cradle makes installation a snap.

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The TX3400 is all about versatility and performance. The rugged construction and enhanced feature set make it the most advanced 477 MHz transceiver on the market today.

Utilising a space saving remote control head and a unique slide-in mounting cradle, the TX3400 can be installed almost anywhere in your vehicle, making it the ultimate mobile transceiver. Alternatively, the remote head can be attached directly to the main unit if required to create a compact one-piece transceiver. In addition, the TX3400 can be installed into a standard in-dash DIN slot using the optional MBD001 DIN adapter kit.

Add to that the 2 year GME warranty and you have a UHF transceiver that's unsurpassed in its category.

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The TX4400 transceiver is Australian designed and built and is one of the most advanced UHF Citizen Band radios available.

The TX4400's DIN sized case allows it to be conveniently installed into a dashboard or console and its strong diecast aluminium chassis makes it the most robust transceiver of its kind. With just three rotary controls and five touch keys, the TX4400's extensive features are easy to operate.

One of the a major feature benefit to be added to the TX4400 is that the extra receive channels can now be User programmed into the transceiver via the front face. At any time the user can put the unit into a "Programming Mode" and activate any of the extra channels from 41 to 60. Once activated the user can set and store any frequency between 465 and 485Mhz. No computer connection or software required. This feature is available on units with a serial number higher than 10803340.

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