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Garmin IQUE 3600 GPS PDA

bullet Powerful 200MHz processor
bullet Palm OS 5
bullet MapSource City Navigator Australia v5
bullet 32mb Built In memory
bullet SD Expansion Slot for more memory capability
bullet Hi-Res colour Display
bullet More Information
Expected Availability:    Available
IC-400PRO UHF Transceiver
Whats New?

bullet 128 Channel Capacity
bullet Super Sensitive Private Channels
bullet Unique Repeater Scan
bullet SelCall (Selective Calling) - Hear only the calls intended for you and see who called with Selcall !
bullet Silent Stand-by
bullet 2 Year Icom Australia Warranty
bullet No Licence Required for CB Channels
bullet Meets MIL-STD 810
bullet More Information          Other Related ICOM Products
Expected Availability:    Available
IC-R20 Communications Reciever

bullet 4-hour digital recorder
bullet Shortwave to microwave, Wideband coverage
bullet Alphanumeric memory channels
bullet 11 hours of continuous receive*
bullet CTCSS, DTCS tone signaling
bullet Auto squelch and squelch monitor capability
bullet Built-in attenuator and RF gain control
bullet Auto power off and power save functions
bullet Preprogrammed with TV and popular shortwave channels
bullet More Information          Other Related ICOM Products
Expected Availability:    Available
IC-R3 Communications Reciever

bullet 450 Channels of memory
bullet 6 character memory names can be assigned for each memory channel
bullet Colour or monochrome LCD Screen
bullet 4 way multi function "joy-stick" switch
bullet Automatic Squelch
bullet Tone Squelch System
bullet Built in attenuator
bullet Telescopic Antenna
bullet More Information
Expected Availability:    Available


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