About Us


WACB Centre, a wholly owned Western Australian company. It originated as a retail store servicing WA’s farming, mining and retail sectors with sales and service of 27Mhz and 477Mhz communications and accessories.  The company has now grown through its customer commitment and quality of service to become Western Australia’s largest retailer of CB related communications, accessories, cordless phones, radar detectors, coaxial cables, marine radars, marine antennas, Wireless LAN transfer and data antennas, HF radios and other related products.

Our full range of products page and online store is coming soon to the website!


  • UHF & 27Mhz portable and dash mount CB transceivers
  • HF/VHF & UHF portable and dash mount PMR transceivers
  • Repeater and Telemetry systems
  • Antennas, both mobile and marine base
  • Coaxial cables and connectors, including microwave related products
  • Marine 27Mhz and VHF portable and dash mount transceivers
  • GPS receivers and related accessories
  • Vehicle tracking systems
  • Cordless telephones
  • Radar detectors
  • Satellite phones
  • Batteries; battery chargers, inverters
  • HF Radios
  • Wireless LAN
  • AM/FM CD & cassettes


  • Our major customer base includes:
  • Mineral exploration companies
  • Local Government agencies – Land Administration, Fisheries, Forestry
  • Emergency services
  • Building and road construction contractors
  • Defence - Army, Navy and Air force